Port Angeles


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ling cod eggs

lingcod eggs on a log bundle

Port Angeles is located in the middle of the Olympic Peninsula and is the gateway to Olympic National Park. Our dive is located on Ediz Hook. The bottom of Port Angeles Harbor iscovered with bundles of logs from the days when Port Angeles was a thriving mill town and a good portion of the harbor was used as storage for booms of logs until the mills could take them or they were barged out. From about 20 fsw to somewhere around 100 fsw there are piles of bundled logs that make great habitat for various species of rockfish as well as lingcod, octopus, crabs, nudibranchs and many other species of critter.

Getting There

Port Angeles is about two hours from Seattle. From the Hood Canal Bridge, follow highway 104 to the junction with Highway 101. Follow 101 west until you reach Port Angeles, then continue straight through PA. You will be on a one way street headed west. Follow this through downtown and continue on this road. If you don't turn off anywhere it will take you directly to the hook.


Repeater Tower


photo by Wayne Brown

I dive this spot ALOT, mostly because it is close to home and it is easy to run down here after work and get in a quick dive. Even with many dives here I always see something new almost every dive. This site is relatively easy and is often used for Open Water classes. If you enter at the repeater, swim out to the old pilings sort of to the left of where you enter.
There isn't much to see on the pilings so time is better spent heading towards 30 to 50 fsw. Here you will run into the log bundles. take a light and shine it in through the logs to see marine life that has taken refuge in the spots between the logs. Make sure to look up and you will most likely be surprised to see large schools of rockfish swimming overhead. If you feel something tugging on your fins, chances are that it is a playful harbor seal!

jelly fish

photo by Dano Charon

jelly fish

photo by Dano Charon

To get to this site, drive to the Hook. Once on the Hook, look for a small brown block building surrounded by a chain link fence and a large antennae in front, Turn right and park facing the water anywhere between here and the end of the parking area.

The Tug

I don't know alot of the history of this wreck, and I don't know if it was really a tug or not. All that is left at this time is a boiler and steam engine. The boiler has almost been swallowed by muck. To find the tug, drive out to the hook. Once there look for a grassy area across from the bathrooms. Park about 200yds west of the grassy area in the dirt parking lot. There is a pin that sticks up out of the beach at low tide with pink flagging on it. from the pin, head south. The tug sits at about 70 fsw behind a log pile. its easy to miss so keep an eye out.

ediz hook



Outside the hook (on the Straits side) is not recomended diving. there is not much to see out here and the currents can be down right extreme.