Welcome to Sekiu! This is one of my favorite dive sites anywhere. I have made close to thirty dives here and always see something new. Here we have rocks that protrude from the sand and extend as far as twenty feet towards the surface. these rocks are covered with life.The environment varies here as you swim through the site. It changes from sand and gravel to a kelp bed to rock walls all in a matter of 100 feet. Expect to see things like Puget Sound Box Crab, Lingcod, Rockfish, various nudibranchs, Herring, starfish, and even an occasional octopus. This site is LOADED with life! You are going to want to bring a camera and a light! This is one of the best spots around for underwater macro photography!


How to Get There

From Port Angeles, there are two different ways to get to Sekiu. 101 is longer mileage but faster speeds and alot less windy of a road. Highway 112 winds through clear cuts before it reaches the water about 25 miles west of Port Angeles. To get to 112, follow 101 west until you come to the 112 junction about six miles west of P. A. Follow 112 for 39 miles to the junction at highway 113. Turn left and follow 113 through the town of Clallam Bay. After you travel through Clallam Bay you will start up a hill. Follow the sign to Sekiu. Drive straight through Sekiu to Olsen's at the end of the main road. Continue through the parking lot until you are facing the water. You should see some rocks sticking out of the water to the left. You're Here! Begin looking for an easy path down the rocks and gear up.

The Dive

Before entering the water, take a minute to find the easiest path through the kelp. Gear up on the gravel beach. Enter the water & swim toward the rocks. The rocks are where the best life is and there is not much toward the jetty. Depth is 30 feet at the deepest in the sand outside the rocks and as long as you stay in the rocky area, the current doesn't seem to affect the dive. You will want to bring a small light even during the day as the coolest critters tend to hide in the cracks and crevices in the rocks. Good luck and safe diving.

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