Puget Sound King Crab



This awesome-looking beast can be found in the subtidal zone along much of the northeast coast of the Pacific Ocean. This is one of the largest crabs on the Pacific Coast, reaching a body width of 30 cm. You can easily recognize this creature by its box-like body and bright colour. The adult king crab is red with yellow, orange, and purple markings that are most apparent on its belly. Juveniles are bright reddish-orange and have cone-like projections sticking up on their backs.

Lopholithodes mandtii is usually found on rock outcrops in strong currents, from near shore to 137 metres depths. Adult L. mandtii move to shallow waters in the late winter to the spring to breed. Puget Sound king crabs feed on seastars, other marine echinoderms and even sea anemones.

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Galatheid Crab

This crab is also called a squat lobster, I think it looks more like an orange crayfish with its tail tucked under. It can get about 5 inches long and is orange in color. It tends to live on soft bottoms although I also find it on walls that are around soft bottoms living in sponges. These are lithode crabs. Range is from Alaska to southern California


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