Dive Services

We offer a wide variety of dive services including but not limited to what you see below! Rates start at $80 per hour with a one hour minimum. Larger jobs are done by bid. Please give us a call at (360) 808-2987 or send us an e-mail to straitscuba@hotmail.com for more info!

Marina Services

We do hull cleanings, zinc replacement, prop polishing, rope removal, and general repairs that need to be done below the waterline. We can also get you a video inspection with a dvd for your records! Video inspections start at $90 per hour with a 1.5 hour minimum to allow for the extra time and expense involved with the camera and housing as well as the transfer to DVD. This is ideal if you are trying to sell your boat, for insurance, or if you just want to know what is going on below the waterline without the expense of a haulout! We can also take still photos of your hull and running gear for a $90 flat fee. Photos will come on a cd rom, video will be on DVD in NTSC format.

*Hull Cleanings** $2.50 per foot, $80 minimum (see discounts below)

*Zinc Replacement $60 for up to 5 zincs, $10 per additional plus the cost of zincs

*Clearing fouled prop (ie. rope in prop, etc.)$80 per hour, 1 hour minimum

*prop polishing $120/hr with a 1 hour minimum


(** per DOE regulations hull cleanings can only be performed in certain marinas and only on specific hull coatings. Call or e-mail for more info)

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*6 month maintenance schedule- Sign up for scheduled maintenance, Hull cleaning and zinc inspection/replacement every 6 months (zinc replacement as needed) and recieve a 10% discount on services!

*Group discount- Get a group together for maintenance and recieve discounts! 2-3 boats in a group will recieve a 10% discount, 3 or more in a group get a 15% discount on each job!

Racing maintenance schedule- Hull cleaned once per month, more often if you prefer during your racing season! Sail boat racers on a schedule will get hull cleanings for $1.00 per foot

Dock Repair

We can do most repairs to your dock while it is in the water. These type of jobs vary in price and we will be happy to come out and give you a bid! $80 minimum will apply if we have to inspect the dock from underwater.

Mooring inspection and repair

We offer mooring instpection and repairservices . We can repair your mooring, connections, chain, or float. You should have your mooring lines inspected at least once per season to be sure the parts aren't wearing excessively. If you need your mooring bouy cleaned give us a call!

Search and Recovery

Drop something over the side? We can find it! If you have lost something over the side at a depth less than 100ft and have a good idea where it is at odds are we can find it! For search and recovery jobs @ 50ft or less the rate is $80 per hour with a 1 hour minimum and varies with depth over 50ft. If a boat is required to get to the site I would be more than happy to dive from your boat as long as it will accomodate a diver or I can provide the boat (boat price is not included in the $80 per hour). Boat price is charged by the hour (for boat and captain) and varies by location.


We have the resources to take on most smaller salvage jobs and can set up larger salvage jobs! Prices depend on size and scope of job and location.


You can call or e-mail us with any questions or for more info!