Why Take an Advanced Open Water Course?



Think of your basic scuba course as just that, basic. You acquire the minimum set of skills needed to dive safely in an environment close to that in which you trained. The Advanced Open Water course gives you more diving under the supervision of an instructor and introduces you to new types of diving in a wider variety of places. In AOW, you will gain expanded navigation techniques, learn to responsibly handle deeper dives, and increase your overall diving theory knowledge. All this means greater overall understanding of diving and builds confidence to do dives you might not have felt comfortable doing before! You will feel more confident, comfortable and more prepared for every dive. If you plan on traveling to dive or diving from a charter boat, many dive operators will not let you do certain dives without advanced training. Finally, AOW gives you the opportunity to meet other divers with similar interests and lets face it, you can never have enough dive buddies!

After AOW, the next step is to take a rescue diver course. In the rescue diver course, you will learn the skills to safely deal with a dive emergency . Not only will you learn how to safely rescue your buddy, you will gain the skills and confidence to rescue yourself. In the rescue diver course, you learn to rescue tow another diver, you will gain the skills to take control of a panicked diver and help them get to the shore or boat safely, and you will learn the art of self rescue. The rescue diver course will expand on the rescue skills you learned in OW and help you build even more confidence in your diving abilities. The rescue diver course is also a necessary step towards the Master Scuba Diver rating or going pro!

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